2D Vision ALPA LA090

  • Available in CNC self-learning version
  • Designed to take measurements without the movement of the table, but with the help of the integrated mobile camera
  • Thanks to this system and the innovative 2D measurement software, just position the piece and carry out the desired measurement
  • All inspection procedures can be recorded and stored
  • The ALPA SCOPE VM machine will automatically recreate the previously set light and measurement conditions
  • 2D software is powerful and easy to use
  • The results of the measurements can create graphical and tabular reports and be exported in Dxf, Excel and PDF format
  • Thanks to the integrated VED (Video Edge Detection) system, hundreds of points can be recorded instantly to easily calculate geometric figures such as circles, rays, lines and curves
  • The 16-LED episcopic light and diascopic light allow for precise and fast measurements
  • The integrated SPC (Statistical Process Control) program allows you to process the measurements and calculate the CP and CPK values

FEATURES Compact structure, with granite base

  • Fusion 2D software included
  • “Colourmap” measuring technology, does not require traditional reading lines
  • Programmable diascopic light
  • Episcopic light with 16 fully programmable integrated LEDs that can be activated by sectors
  • Self-learning program, “Teach and Repeat”
  • Digital Zoom
  • Supplied with stand, PC and 22″ touchscreen monitor
  • Video camera with autofocus
  • Scroll: Air bearings with built-in compressor
  • Camera: 2048 x 1590 pixels, color USB2 camera with 8 x 9 mm sensor and dynamic latch
  • Optics and illumination: Lens fixed with telecentric lenses and programmable LED lighting
  • Properties

    • Measuring range: 400 x 300 x 120
    • Surface area: 420 x 320
    • Max workpiece load: 25
    • Resolution: 0,001
    • Maximum error: 7,5
    • Campo visivo massimo: 13 x 10
    • Massima H misurabile a fuoco: 96
    • Magnification: da 20x (ottico) fino a 350x (digitale)
    • Max drive speed: 100 mm/sec (CNC)

    2D optical machine automatic CNC version
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