Automatic 3D optical machine ALPA LA120

  • Alpa Scope VP CNC is an advanced optical automatic 3D machine with measuring range up to 1000x1500x400 mm.
    Non-contact measurement through zoom optics, collimated profile lighting, TTL (coaxial surface lighting) and a 64 LED fully programmable segmented surface lighting system. Contact measuring through Renishaw TP20 touch probe and accessories. Software lighting system with 64 ring withe led, through lens light and profile collimated light. All measured features appear on the monitor where they can be selected for dimensioning, resulting in a dimensioned part viewed that can be printed or exported to CAD. Tolerances are set for each dimension so that the final inspection reports can classify each dimension as pass or fail.
    SPC program with CP and CPK.

Accuracy 2,4+0,4L/100 μm
High resolution 0,5 μm
64 Programmable segmented LED lighting system
Z axis dovetail slide mount for increased Z axis capacity
High precision cross-roller stage
Ultra-smooth plain rod drives
Auto video edge detection tools
Auto programming
Motorized autofocus


  • Measuring range X Y Z: (640x600x250 mm) LA120640A (640x900x250 mm) LA120640B (1000x1000x400 mm) LA1201000C (1000x1500x400 mm) LA1201000D
  • Surface area: (700x940 mm) LA120640A (700x1240 mm) LA120640B (1050x1350 mm) LA1201000C (1050x1850 mm) LA1201000D
  • Max workpiece load: 75
  • Scale resolution: 0,0005
  • Maximum error: 2,4 + 0,4/100 (LA120640A - LA120640B) 3,8 + 0,4/100 (LA1201000C - LA1201000D)
  • Campo visivo massimo: 16mm con adattatore (opzionale) 0,5x
  • Magnification: Zoom ottico 30x - 195x Extra zoom digitale fino a 1200x
  • Max drive speed: 350 mm/sec

CNC Vision 3D machine 640x600x250 mm
CNC Vision 3D machine 640x900x250 mm
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