Horizontal profile projector ALPA LA030

  • The ALPA PROFIL H400 profile projector with its 400mm screen combines high accuracy non-contact measurements and inspection with a large 300mm x 150mm measuring range. Thanks to adjustable lighting system ALPA PROFIL H400 is ideally suited to turned machied parts, screws and small pieces.

Complete touch screen monitor with 2D Fusion Touch software. Built –in optical edge detection allows data points to be taken “on the fly” as the projected images passed under the screen-mounted fibre optic sensor. Many possible features: print numerical and graphical reports, statistic control of process, import/export data in DXF or TXT format.


  • Measuring range: (12 x 6)
  • Surface area: (19 x 5)
  • Rotating screen: (16)
  • Image: Straightened, reversed from right to left
  • Max load: 15
  • Movement: Optional motorized
  • Scale resolution: 0,0005
  • Light source: Lamps 12v 100w - Led 24vDC, 2oW, 500mA
  • Magnification accuracy: Profile 0,05% Surface 0,1%
  • Helix adjustment: ± 7°
  • Focal distance: 60 mm
  • X-axis travel: Manuale con traslazione rapida e regolazione fine
  • Y-axis travel: Manuale con manovella e spostamento di 1,4mm/giro
  • Optic/Lens magnification: x10, x20, x50, x100
  • Maximum Permissible Error: 2,5 + 300 (L) / 80 = 6,25 μm
  • Weight: 133
  • Packed weight and dimensions: 177 Kg / 1210 x 820 x 1470 mm

Horizontal light path profile projector ø 400 mm screen, display Ft2-E
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