ACCREDIA is an institution designated by the Italian government to certify the competence and impartiality of calibration laboratories.

In order to obtain ACCREDIA accreditation, a laboratory must be able to guarantee the traceability of the measurements carried out through processes and internal documentation and for this reason, the same is periodically subjected to checks to verify the technical, managerial and metrological skills of the personnel, the principles of impartiality and confidentiality, transparency in communications, the traceability of the measurements, the pertinence of the calibration methods used, the evaluation of the uncertainties and the results obtained from the ILC experimental comparisons.

The Accredited Calibration Laboratories are recognized by the Italian Administration and public institutions, by the Company Quality System Certification institution (in compliance with the ISO 9000 standard) and are valid in the countries adhering to the Multilateral Agreements (MLA) of the European co-operation for Accreditation (EA) and the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC).


Utensil Line, part of the A+B Group and an Alpa partner, has an ACCREDIA LAT N°166 Accredited Calibration Laboratory for the length and force sector, in accordance with UNI CEI ISO/IEC 17025, thus operating within the National Calibration Service (SNT) regulated by law 273/91.


The Utensil Line laboratory also carries out repairs on dimensional measuring instruments of any brand. An accurate analysis of the equipment is carried out, disassembly, cleaning with specific detergent products, replacement of damaged and/or worn parts with original spare parts, demagnetization and reassembly with subsequent final testing in the metrology laborotory.


We carry out dimensional measurements on behalf of third parties using contact machines (CMM coordinate measuring machines, Profilometer, Roughness testers, Roundness testers), optical machines and interferometric laser systems.

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