Universal bench hardness tester with analogue dial ALPA LB151

  • Universal analogic hardness test with the following features:
    – Rockwell (HRA, HRB, HRC), Brinell, Vickers scales
    – Cast iron structure, maximum height testing piece 170 mm, max depht 165 mm
    – Motorized and temporized load application
    – Pre-load 10 kgf, load 60-100-150 kfg for Rockwell A, B,C scales
    – Load 31,2-62,5-187,5 kfg for Brinell scales
    – Load 30-100 kgf for Vickers scales
    – For Rockwell scales reading on analogue dial gauge
    – For Brinell and Vickers scales reading with microscope included in the base scope

n°1 Diamond Rockwell Indenter
n°1 Diamond Vickers Indenter
n°1 Ball Indenter Ø 1/16″ for Rockwell B scale
n°1 Ball Brinell Indenter Ø 2,5 mm
n°1 Ball Brinell Indenter Ø 5 mm
n°1 Specimen HRC 20-33
n°1 Specimen HRC 57-70
n°1 Specimen HRB 85-100
n°1 Specimen HV 30

Dimensions mm
Dimensions mm
520 x 215 x 700
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