Portable roughness tester ALPA LA251

  • Pocket sized roughness tester with optic transmission with 90°rotating for shoulder measurings, interchangeable probe and Gaussian filter. 8 parameters according to ISO 4287 (Ra; Rq; Rt; Rz; Rc; Rmax; Rsm; Rpc), 5 parameters according to ISO 12085 (Pt, R, AR, Rx, PPc).
    The extremly compact dimension (the smallest in the marketplace) and the quick battery charging, via USB, make this instrument a turning point for FMI.
    Optionally, downloading the application on tablet for mobile phone, custumer can transfer data Bluetooth.
    By the use of the free App, it is possible to download using the Bluetooth, besides the performed measure also the boundary conditions with which the measure had been obtained. Furthermore, downloading an additional optional APP, it will be possible deploy features and statistical data.

44 parametri (con APP Roughness Studio PREMIUM)
ISO: Ra, Rq, Rt, Rz, Rp, Rv, Rc, Rsk, Rku, RSm, RΔq, RΔa, Rmax, Rδc, Rmr, RPc, RLo, Rlr, Rzjis, RHSC, R3z, hp, Ep
JIS: Ra, Rq, Ry, RzJIS, tp, RSm, S
ASME: Rp, Rpm, RPc, Rsk, tp
MOTIF: R, AR, Rx Rke, Rpke, Rvke, Mr1e, Mr2e, A1e, A2e


  • Measuring range: 250 (+50 ÷ -200)
  • Resolution: 0,001
  • Travel lenght: 17,5
  • Cut off: 0,25 - 0,8 - 2,5
  • Tastatore intercambiabile: Trasmissione ottica, ruotabile 90°
  • Memoria: 18000 solo parametri, circa 30 con profilo
  • Autonomia: 10 ore o 300 misure
  • ON/OFF: ?
  • Zero: ?
  • ABS: ?
  • Preset: ?
  • Sleep: ?

Portable roughness tester
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